Dedolight 25x25cm Lightstream Reflector Kit

Lightstream reflectors, when used with dedolight focusing lights and "Parallel Beam Intensifier" lenses, offer a systematic approach to reflecting and redefining light. From a single source, its possi Read More >>

Dedolight DLED4.1-BI 3-Light Kit LED

Having paved the way with the on-camera Ledzilla LED and the 1x1' stand-mounted Felloni Dedolight continues to forge ahead with the introduction of the Mobile Mobile DLED4.1-BI LED Light Head . Again Read More >>

Dedolight DLED7 TURBO BI LED Light

A portable and versatile light source, the DLED7 Turbo Bi-Color Focusing LED Light Head from Dedolight blends a compact form factor with a cool, silent-running design and controllable light output. It Read More >>

Dedolight DLH4 Tungsten Light Head

This Dedolight DLH4 150W Spotlight with DT24-1 is a universal quartz halogen light head with new double aspheric lenses and zoom focus, and it comes with a 120V dimmer. The optical system of the Dedo Read More >>

Dedolight DT4-BI-BAT-AB V-mount adapter (DLED4 Only)

This Dedolight DT4.1-BAT-AB DC Ballast for DLED4.1 Bicolor Lamp Head is a dimmable ballast with a D-Tap connector that also provides continuous variable color temperature from 3,000 to 6,000K. Input i Read More >>