Prismlensfx Centerfield Split Diopter Filter (82mm)

- Creates Blurry Refraction FX while leaving middle open for focus on subject Read More >>

Prismlensfx Flare FX Filter - Rainbow (82mm)

Add anamorphic flare like effects to your images or videos. Much like traditional streak filters our Flare FX filters are the affordable way to add a little "FLARE" to your work! Creates “Anamorph Read More >>

Prismlensfx Radiant FX Filter (82mm)

Create unique flares & refractions off of the strong highlights in frame. Always giving a fun and different look with the different colors and styles of light that hit the uniquely coated glass. Cre Read More >>

Prismlensfx Split Diopter Filter (82mm)

Split your image's focus, create unique bokeh effects, dual focus on 2 focal planes at the same time and much more. Certainly a customer favorite with lots of ways to create and use in your creative w Read More >>

Prismlensfx Split Subtle Kaleidoscope Filter (82mm)

The Split Subtle Kaleidoscope FX Filter helps you create stunning in camera FX by merging the idea of our Split Diopter FX & Kaleidoscope Filters. Keep one half of your image and subject in focus whil Read More >>