Tilta FF-T05-V2 Basic Follow Focus system

$50 / 1st day rental

Whether you're working with photography lenses or a professional cinema lens, Tilta's FF-T05-V2 Single-Sided Follow Focus Kit can accommodate. Three differently sized 0.8 MOD drive gears are included for driving lenses with short or long focus throws. The follow focus unit itself has a swing-arm for easy gear placement.

Interchangeable 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio rod clamps provide scalability for use with small DSLR rigs up to a cinema studio zoom setup. Both clamps share a quick release design, so the follow focus can be installed and removed from the rods without disrupting other rod-mounted accessories.

Included Drive Gear: 0.8 MOD

Rod Standard:
15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
19 mm Studio / 104 mm Spacing

Number of Sides: Single-Sided
Built-In Hardstops: None
Marking Disk: Yes
Switchable Handwheel Speed: No
Included Whip Length: 14" / 36 cm

Includes 1 x Follow focus, 1 x camera platform, 2 x 15mm rod