LCW MKII ND Fader 77mm

$15 / 1st day rental

Offers 2 - 8 Stops of Neutral Density

The Light Craft 77mm Fader ND Mark II Filter is a remarkable tool to have on hand. With one filter, you can dial in the degree of neutral density that suits your need. No more having to buy multiple ND filters and lugging them around in your gear bag. The cost-effectiveness of this filter is self-evident.

Neutral density filters offer you some exciting possibilities for creating images that would ordinarily not be possible with the proper filtration. For those who enjoy blurred or motion images, this is the filter of choice since it allows you to slow down your exposure and "capture" the motion of flowing water or speeding cars, birds or athletes.

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light reaching the film. When used with a digital camera, you can effectively see how this filter works. After the initial exposure, you can check your LCD image and then make whatever change in exposure you feel you need to enhance your image. By rotating the ring, you can either increase or decrease the ND effect. This will be especially useful when trying to achieve "blurred" or "panned" shots.

The Fader ND Mark II offers the best image performance with lenses with a focal length of 200mm and below. The image quality may drop when your focal length is above 200mm.

Note! Light Craft cannot predict when vignetting may occur - especially with very wide angle lenses. To avoid vignetting, adjust your focal length, position, and/or composition to remove the vignetting - use your digital camera's display for reference

Operates on the same principle as a Circular Polarizing Filter - rotate to the desired degree and effect and shoot
To avoid vignetting, Light Craft uses a 1-stop larger front thread on the glass. e.g. a 77mm Fader ND is equipped with a 77mm back thread (attaches to camera lens), and an 82mm front filter thread

Includes Case