Leica M6

$40 / 1st day rental

The rangefinder Leica M6 TTL .85 camera allows you to accurately measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus. Integrated with 1,000 - 1 second, horizontal focal plane shutter, this Lecia rangefinder camera efficiently controls the time during which light reaches the film. Equipped with Quick-wind lever, this Lecia film camera will advance the frame counter automatically. The depth-of-field scale of this Lecia rangefinder camera ensures optimum sharpness in your pictures. Capture detailed photographs with 0.85x viewfinder magnification of this Lecia film camera. With through-the-lens exposure metering, the Leica M6 TTL .85 camera assures correct amount of light exposure, for brighter results.

ISO: 6 - 6400
Shutter speed: 1 to 1/1000 sec
Weight: 558

2 x LR44, origina body cap, leather case.