Ikelite (FL Series) Underwater Housing for 5D III (Casing + 1 Port)

$118 / 1st day rental

Bundle this with a 5D Mark III and TWO ports at only $188/1st Day

The 6871.03 Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III DSLR from Ikelite is a waterproof case for the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera. The housing is a clear polycarbonate case rated to a depth of 200' and the auto exposure lock and focus lock are placed where they can be activated with your thumb while taking a picture. Camera installation is quick and simple and the o-ring seal can be checked visually through the clear housing.

Rental includes price for either flat or dome port. Add $20 if both are needed. Do check with our staff for your lens needs as the system needs to be pre-assembled.

Ports are compatible with the following canon mount lenses
8-15 Fish eye^
14L II
15mm Fisheye^
16-35 F4L IS
17-40 F4L
20 F2.8^
24 L II
24 F2.8 IS
35 F2.8 (IS/non IS)
Sigma 35 ART
40mm STM
50 F2.5 MACRO
100L/Non L MACRO

*Compatible with Canon EOS 5DsR body

Includes the following modular ports. Add $20 if both flat and dome ports are needed:
5510.11 [ ] (2 O-rings , Locking attachment)
5510.16 [ ] (2 O-rings)
5510.22 [ ] (2 O-rings)
5510.24 [ ] (2 O-rings)
5510.28 [ ] (2 O-rings)
5510.75 [ ] (1 O-ring)
Dome Port [ ]
Flat Port [ ]

By renting this item I agree to these additional terms and conditions:
1. I have been briefed by the staff on the operation, limitations and basic care of this system.
2. Lens ports come assembled based on my previously indicated preferences. Re-configuration is at my own risk.
3. Casing is free of cracks and ports free of major scratches. If any cracks on the case or major scratches found that affect image quality, I will be liable for full replacement cost of the affected part.