Nanlite Mixpanel 60 RGBWW LED Panel

$49 / 1st day rental

The MixPanel 60 RGBWW LED Panel from Nanlite is a 17 x 14 x 3" fixture capable of switching between a traditional multi-LED panel for hard light, a diffuse SMD LED panel for soft light, and a tunable RGB panel for colorful, creative effects at the push of a button. The MixPanel has an expansive CCT range of 2700 to 7500 to seamlessly integrate into any ambient light situation, match other fixtures, or just for creative expression. The panel's high CRI/TLCI ratings of 98/95 are indicators of advanced accuracy in the rendering of color. It's also possible to adjust the magenta/green balance for greater precision, as well as adjust light intensity from 0 to 100% for further versatility.

Item Type: 1 x LED Light Panel
Included Light Modifier: 1 x Barndoors 1 x Softbox
Included Storage Case: 1 x Case

505 fc / 5438 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m
64 fc / 690 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m
542 fc / 5844 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m
67 fc / 729 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m

Color Temperature: 2700 to 7500K
Color Modes: RGB, Daylight, Tungsten
Color Accuracy Standard: CRI 98, CRI 95
Dimmable: Yes, Built-In Dimmer 0 to 100%
Front Accessory Mount: Proprietary
Power Source: AC to DC Adapter (Included)
Battery Plate Type: 1 x V-Mount (Built-In)
AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power: 15 VDC at 6 A
Power Consumption: 60 W
Fixture Mounting: 1 x 5/8" Receiver (Via Yoke Mount)

1x Nanlite MixPanel 60 RGBWW LED Panel
1x Barndoors
1x Softbox with bag (Includes Diffuser sheet and Grid)
1x Power Adapter with cable
2x V-mount Battery
1x 1004 BAC Manfrotto Lightstand
1x Carry Bag