Kupo Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter

$5 / 1st day rental

The Kupo KS-207 Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter features a male 1-1/8" pin for dropping into a combo stand junior receiver. On the other end is a swivel female 1-1/8" receiver with a rosette mechanism that allows you to set tilted angles in 30° increments. The adapter is ideal for rotating a fixture, such as the ARRI SkyPanel, from a horizontal to vertical position while eliminating interference from barndoors or a softbox when placing the fixture on a stand. The adapter features robust, heavy-duty iron casting construction.

Kupo KS-207 Specs
Mounting: 1-1/8" / 28 mm Receiver, 1-1/8" / 28 mm Stud
Material: Iron
Weight: 3.6 lb / 1.6 kg

Includes 1x Safety Cable