Dedolight 50x50cm Lightstream Reflector Kit

$128 / 1st day rental

Lightstream reflectors, when used with dedolight focusing lights and "Parallel Beam Intensifier" lenses, offer a systematic approach to reflecting and redefining light. From a single source, its possible to create multiple light sources without adding to your power footprint. The light qualities are brilliant, offering hard and soft looks depending on the type reflector, and beam used as its host. The system is brought to life by using a light source with a strait, clean, parallel beam which "DPBA" lenses on dedolights produce. They warp the flood setting of the light back into a powerful strait spot, somewhere between 4° and 8°, depending on the light and lens used. These lenses can get you up to 550% MORE light output than the light can produce natively (DLED3-D with DPBA-610 Intensifier). With that new beam, you can use a #1 reflector to redirect it without major changes (think front-facing mirror, but with better results). Use a #2 Lightstream reflector to spread that host beam to a 12° spot. A #3 Lightstream reflector will shine a 50° flood, and the #4 Lightstream reflector offer a 90°, spread not unlike a standard bounce board. The creative, professional, economic and environmental possibilities are too large to list. "Lightstreaming" with Lightstream reflectors and Parallel Beam Intensifiers is simply a game changer.

Reflector Size: 50x50cm
Reflector Index: Spread Index #1(x2) , #2, #3, #4

Rental includes
5 x Lightstream reflectors with carrying bag
4 x Super clamps
4 x Sliding lock
4 x Pivoting ball joint arm (2 Long 2 Short)
1 x Bag