Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom for LS60 Series 60X/60D

$40 / 1st day rental

Designed for the LS 60d and 60x LED lights, this Spotlight Mini Zoom from Aputure is a 2X optical projection lens. When mounted to the LS 60d or 60x, the combined fixture gives you the ability to completely redefine the shape of the light output by using the built-in shutters and drop-in iris. The Spotlight Mini Zoom also accepts m-size gobos. The 2X optical zoom lens can project a beam angle of 15 to 30° and provides a wide range of flexibility with a single tool. At a distance of 16.4' the Spotlight Mini Zoom can project an image circle of 4.6 to 9.2' depending on the zoom setting. The Spotlight Mini Zoom also pairs well with modern reflector technology, focusing the pin-point accuracy of the projection lens onto reflectors for unique lighting designs.

Beam Angle: Adjustable 15 to 20°
Gobo Size: M Size
Yoke: Baby Pin

1 x Spotlight Mini Zoom
1 x Cookie/Gobo Holder
1 x 15pc M size Cookies/Gobo Set
1 x Iris control
1 x Carrying Case

*40" C'stand will be issued instead of 1004 lightstand if renting with light.