Aputure Softbox for LS60 Series 60X/60D

$10 / 1st day rental

The LS60 Softbox from Aputure is a softbox measuring 14 x 14". It is compatible with the LS 60d and 60x LED lights. It can be used as a key light or back light and can be tucked into corners and locations where larger softboxes are not able to fit. A useful solution for corporate and broadcast work, the softbox creates a soft and flattering light with open shadows.

Mount: Proprietary Speed Ring
Shape: Square
Square Dimensions W: 14.0 x H: 14.0" / W: 35.6 x H: 35.6 cm (Open)

Light Loss:
1.5 Stops (with Diffuser)
2.5 Stops (with Diffuser)

1x LS60 Softbox with 4 Spokes
1x Speed Ring
1x Diffuser Sheet
1x Grid
1x Carrying Bag

Note: LS60 Softbox is not Bowens mount compatible.