Mini 99wh V-mount Kit (4-pack)

$40 / 1st day rental

Yinchem Carbon Fibre (98WH) Mini V-mount battery.

It features a carbon fibre body with an LCD indicator, 2 D-tap on either sides, 2 USB type A on the top.

Yinchem (YC-CH240S) Dual Channel Adaptive Smart Fast Charger

Intelligent smart Adaptive charger will identify the battery capacity to provide optimum charging current.

For battries rated Less than 100Wh, it will charge with 3A current per channel.
Battries with capacity within 100-160Wh the charger will feed 4.5A current per channel.
While battries with capacity more than 160Wh it will provide 6A current per channel

so what happens after a period of time and the battery has already started to decay?
The charger will recalculate the actual capacity for charging on it's own.

Colour LCD Screen
The charger comes equipped with colour LCD screens which will display the charging time during charging, as well as battery level bar showing different colour per battery power

Light and compact
With a new weight of only 0.8KG it is light and portable for outdoor or onsite shooting.

Model: YC-CH240S

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Dimensions: 105 x 165 x 102mm

Weight: 0.8KG

4x Yinchem 99wh Mini V-Mount batteries
1x V-Mount 2-way FAST Charger
1x IEC Cable

[ ] Yinchem V-mount Plate