Autocue (iPad) Studio Cinema Teleprompter

$188 / 1st day rental

The Studio Teleprompter System for iPad from Autocue allows you to turn your iPad into a four-solution teleprompter. Using your iPad Pro, your talent can read from this prompting solution from up to 15' away. The prompter supports ENG and full size cinema cameras, and incorporates an adjustable riser. The unit accommodates lenses with an outer diameter up to 300mm and allows you to use lenses as wide as 4.2mm without vignetting.

The prompter is flexible and can be configured in up to four configurations. It incorporates three 3/8"-16 and two 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes, with sliding balance adjustments along its tripod mounting plate.

Beamsplitter Ratio: 70/30
Beamsplitter Size: 19.3 x 14.8" / 48.9 x 37.5 cm

Tripod Mount Type:
3 x 3/8"-16 Female
2 x 1/4"-20 Female

Dimensions: 18.0 x 4.0" / 45.7 x 10.2 cm (Baseplate)
Weight: 11 lb / 5 kg

1x 10.5 Inch iPad + USB Charging Cable
1x 3A USB charger
1x Video Tripod
1x Hard Carrying Case
1x Datavideo WR-500 Remote