Aputure Lantern 90 softbox for LS600 series

$40 / 1st day rental

Use this Lantern 90 from Aputure to hang overhead on a boom and cast a near 360° beam that raises the ambient light level or can be used in scenes such as round table shots. The Lantern has a Bowens accessory mount for Aputure lights but can also be used on lights made by the many other manufacturers that employ this popular mount.

Mount: Bowen
Shape: Circular
Circular Dimensions: ø: 46.8 x D: 8.0" / ø: 1.2 x D: 0.2 m
Weight: 6.09 lb / 2.76 kg

1x Lantern Cage
1x Diffuser Wrap
1x Carrying Bag

[ ] Skirt Cover