Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 Compact-Servo Cine Zoom Lens (EF Mount)

$60 / 1st day rental

The Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 Compact-Servo Cine Zoom Lens (EF Mount) provides 4K and HDR–compatible imaging for Super 35-sensor digital cinema cameras. This compact, lightweight zoom offers coverage in the commonly used 70-200mm range. Its range can be further expanded using the optional Canon EF 1.4x III and 2x extenders (available separately). This parfocal cine lens maintains focus while zooming and has a constant maximum iris of T4.4 across its zoom range. Its color characteristics match those of existing Canon cinema lenses, making for smooth intercutting. Another cinematic feature of this zoom is its nine-bladed iris which can be used to produce attractive bokeh (out-of-focus highlights) effects.

The 70-200mm Compact-Servo Cine Zoom features a click-less aperture, enabling iris control via a servo unit or wireless F/I/Z system. Even greater control options such as REC start/stop, handgrip focus and zoom control, lens metadata transfer, chromatic aberration correction, and auto focus functions are available through select EF-mount cameras.

At just over seven inches in length and weighing under three pounds, the 70-200mm Compact-Servo Cine Zoom offers portability combined with a versatile focal length range and high optical performance.

Key Features
- Covers the Super 35-size image sensor of many digital cinema cameras
- 70-200mm focal length covers a range commonly used in cine-style shooting
- High optical performance is suitable for 4K and HDR-compatible image capture
- Parfocal design maintains focus while zooming
- A constant T4.4 maximum aperture is available across the entire zoom range
- Use with the optional Canon EF 1.4x III and EF 2x extenders to expand the focal range
- Color characteristics match existing Canon cine lenses
- Additional features such as REC start/stop, lens data transfer, and auto-focus are available when using the zoom with select EF-mount cine cameras such as the Canon EOS series
- 9-blade iris for cinematic blurring of out-of-focus areas (bokeh)

Canon Compact-Servo CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 Specs
Mount Type: EF
Focal Length: 70-200mm
Zoom Ratio: 3x
Maximum Aperture: T4.4 (f/4.0)
Number of Aperture Blades: 9
Length: 7.17" (182.1 mm)
Weight: 2.76 lb (1.25 kg)

Includes ZSG-C10 Lens grip, Hood, Front and Rear Cap