Aladdin RGB All-In-1 LED Panel

$29 / 1st day rental

The ALL IN 1 RGB LED Panel Kit from Aladdin is built around a 1x1' fabric LED mat with a 140-degree beam spread. The kit includes the panel, a X-Bend Holder to give the light rigidity, a multi-voltage power supply, a ball head mount, 9.8' cable, D-Tap cable, diffuser, and a battery pouch. It all fits in the provided kit case.

Light Source: 50W Bi-Color / 20W RGB
Beam Angle: 140°
CRI: CRI 97 / TLCI 97
Dimming: Yes
Operating Voltage: 90-240V
Dimensions: 300x300mm
Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4 kg)

1x RGB LED Panel
1x Soft Protective Sleeve
2x V-Mount Battery (160W)
1x D-Tap Cable
1x Battery Pouch
1x Wireless Remote
1x Lighting Yoke
1x Lighting X-Frame
1x Diffuser Wrap
1x AC Adaptor
1x IEC Power Cable
1x Extension Cable
1x Manfrotto 1004BAC Lightstand
1x Carrying Case