Godox Collapsible Octa Box 120cm (Bowens Mount)

$10 / 1st day rental

Compatible with all Godox flash heads with Bowens front accessory mounts, this 47.2" Octa Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid from Godox provides a soft, pleasing quality of light. The softbox has a large surface area to offer a wraparound effect, especially when used close up. This shape produces natural-looking catchlights in the eyes of your subject. The included fabric grid mounts to the softbox with touch-fasteners and provides directional control of the output, keeps light from the background, and allows you to light specific areas of the subject.

Shape: Octagon
Interior Color: Silver
Requires Speed Ring: Speed Ring Included
Removable Front Face: Yes
Circular Dimensions: ø: 47.2" / ø: 120.0 cm

1x Outer Diffuser Sheet
1x Inner Diffuser Sheet