Phottix Raja Quick-Folding softbox 150cm (59")

$20 / 1st day rental

Featuring durable construction with heat-resistant fabric, this 59" Raja Hexa Softbox from Phottix is designed for quick assembly and teardown. It opens like an umbrella with a centralized metal joint, so you don't have to attach or remove any of the individual rods and can start shooting in seconds. The softbox comes with a standard Bowens S-mount speed ring that works with a variety of lights, but you can also equip it with optional Bowens and Profoto mounts to expand the list of compatible gear.

The Raja softbox has a reflective silver interior and offers two removable fabric layers, an inner baffle, and a front diffuser. Using both parts will soften your light considerably and reduce your output, while removing one diffuser can help increase contrast or make shadows harsher. A bag is provided so you can easily fit and transport your modifier.

Shape: Circular
Requires Speed Ring: Yes
Accepts Grids: Yes
Removable Front Face: Yes
Removable Interior Baffle: Yes
Light Loss: None
Material: Fabric
Circular Dimensions: ø: 59.0" / ø: 149.9 cm (Open)

1X 150cm Softbox
1X Speedring
1X Inner baffle
1X Outer diffuser
1X Carrying bag

Choice of mount:
[ ] Profoto
[ ] Bowens