Hoya 67mm Close-Up Filter Kit (+1,+2,+4) For (Sony UWA)

$15 / 1st day rental

The 67mm Close-up Filter Kit from Hoya is a set of three filters designed for close-up photography. Each filter has a power of +1, +2, or +4, and can be used separately or in combination to photograph small objects such as flowers and insects at a close range. Close-up filters allow you to get closer to the subject. With close-up filters depth of field tends to be very shallow and it is recommended to shoot with smaller apertures for greater focus.

These filters use Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) technology to reduce flare and ghosting while maintaining an average light transmission of 97%. The ring is made of aluminum with a threaded front so the filters can be combined.

Type: Diopter
Size: 67mm
Filter Factor: Not applicable
Multi-Coated: Hoya Multi-Coated
Effect: Greater magnification of subject
Application: Close-up photography
Construction: Optical glass Aluminum ring