Chrosziel Basic Follow Focus System

$50 / 1st day rental

Constructed from high-quality materials, Chrosziel's DV StudioRig Follow Focus is built for the professional filmmaker working with DSLR, mirrorless, or cinema cameras. The main body of the DV StudioRig is machined from aluminum and the oversized handwheel rotates smoothly with minimal play in the gearbox. Use the knurled thumbscrew on the sliding rod clamp to secure the DV StudioRig to 15mm LWS rods. Since the rod clamp slides, the DV StudioRig is compatible with many lens diameters, from small DSLR lenses to larger cinema lenses. A white marking disk is included for outlining focus pulls with a dry-erase marker or grease pencil.

Rod Standard: 15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
Number of Sides: Single-Sided
Built-In Hardstops: None
Marking Disk: Yes
Maximum Lens Diameter: 4.52755905511811" / 115 mm
Switchable Handwheel Speed: No
Weight: 11 oz / 310 g

Includes 1 x Follow focus, 1 x camera platform, 2 x 15mm rod