Dedolight DLED7 TURBO BI LED Light

$48 / 1st day rental

A portable and versatile light source, the DLED7 Turbo Bi-Color Focusing LED Light Head from Dedolight blends a compact form factor with a cool, silent-running design and controllable light output. It's sleek size makes it suitable for use as a key light for location and interview lighting and the bi-color functionality, with continuous color temperature tuning from 2700-6500K, makes it ideal for working in mixed and changing ambient light. As a focusing LED, a double helical mechanism also allows you to change from spot to flood lighting within a 8 to 60° range. An additional DT7-BI Ballast is required for power, which alternates between two 90W light sources for a low overall power draw. Also, optional 3" accessories and modifiers can be used to modify the light quality and shape and the DLED7 has both a 5/8" receptacle and 1/-1/8" stud for mounting.

Beam Angle: 4 to 60°
Color Temperature: 2700 to 6500K
Cooling System: Fan

AC Input Power: 120 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power: 18 VDC
Max Power Consumption: 90 W

Fixture Mount: 5/8" Receiver
Fixture Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.4" / 16.0 x 14.0 cm
Fixture Weight: 2.9 lb / 1.3 kg

1 x DLED7-BI Turbo light head, bi-colour
1 x DT7-BI Power supply
1 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
1 x Light shield
1x Manfrotto 1004BAC Lightstand