Sachtler FSB 6/ 2 HD Tripod

$40 / 1st day rental

The Sachtler FSB 6/2 HD M Tripod Head & Legs System is a complete tripod system that supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 13.2 pounds. It includes a Sachtler FSB 6 and a set of Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD tripod legs with a mid-level spreader and rubber feet. The head features a 75mm ball base with integrated flat base, which allows you to use the head with the included bowl base tripod legs or mount it to available supports with flat base fittings. The camera plate is the sliding balance type and provides 4.7" of balance adjustment. The head features Sachtler's Side Load mechanism, which allows you to snap the camera plate into the head from the top, instead of having to line it up and slide it in from the back of the head. The head features a ten-step counterbalance system with a zero setting. The pan and tilt feature independent locks and three grades of drag with a zero setting.

Pan bar length: 430 mm
Payload: 1.50 to 8 kg
Weight: 2.60 kg
Bowl size: 75 mm
Tilt range: +90° to -75°
Sliding range: 120 mm
Counterbalance: 10 steps
Drag: 3 + 0 drag settings

Material: Aluminium
Transport length: 700 mm
Tripod stages: 2
Height With Ground Spreader: 0.46 to 1.55 m
Weight without spreader: 3.10 kg

Comes with FSB 6 tripod head, 1x baseplate, 1x panbar, 1x ENG 75/2 HD tripod legs, 1x tripod bag