Microdolly Dolly & Track Kit

$88 / 1st day rental

The MICRODOLLY Camera Dolly & Track Kit is purpose built for crews that must travel light and set up quick. It weighs only 4.5kg and fits into a Soft Case only 86cm long. The Track is spring loaded and snaps together as it is unfolded. The Dolly with 4m of Track can be set up in less than two minutes and will carry a video camera or film camera weighing up to 45kg. Silent, smooth, bump free camera moves can be accomplished much quicker than with conventional dollies and dolly equipment.

NOTE: Tripod is not included, please specify tripod for different requirements.

1 x T- Bar dolly
1 x 4m Foldable Track
2 x 4m Foam Track Pads
1 x Ratchet tie-down string-lock mechanism
1 x Carrying case