Lupolux Dayled 1000 (DAL 04)

$48 / 1st day rental

Whether you're flooding a silk or tightening the beam into a spot for long throw work, sometimes you just need the flexibility of a Fresnel. The Dayled 1000 Daylight LED Fresnel from Lupo has a 6.0" lens that can be focused from 10 to 60° spot-to-flood and can be further controlled using the included 4-way barndoors for selective lighting. Color temperature is a solid 5600K, making it ideal for shooting outdoors on location or for matching other daylight-balanced fixtures. Every effort has been made to make the fixture strong but lightweight. The light has a carbon fiber reinforced technopolymer shell that provides high resistance to rigorous use. These key features are backed by economy and power. The Dayled consumes just 110W and outputs the equivalent of a 1000W tungsten fixture, while it maintains a high CRI of 97 indicating an accurate rendition of color down to the subtlest hue. The Dayled is also fully dimmable from 0 to 100% without color shift. You can control light intensity locally on the fixture, or remotely from a console via onboard DMX. Another important benefit is the light's power options.

Color Accuracy Standard: CRI 97
Dimming: Yes, 0 to 100%
Display: LED
Housing Material: Polymer

10° at 5600K:
1393.5 fc / 23,000 Lux at 3.28' / 1 m
60° at 5600K:
464.5 fc / 5000 Lux at 3.28' / 1 m

Fixture Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.2 x 9.1" / 21.0 x 26.0 x 23.0 cm
Fixture Weight: 6.61 lb / 3 kg

1 x Lighstand

V-Mount option is available at additional $20. It comes with a V-Mount plate and 2 V-Mount batteries.