Chrosziel MB 450W Super Wide Matte Box

$39 / 1st day rental

The Chrosziel MB 450W Super Wide Matte Box is a lightweight, yet robust, carbon fiber matte box for professional video cameras. The "Super Wide" design allows for 1/3"-chip camcorders to use a wide 2.6mm focal length setting without vignetting. The 1/2"-chip camcorders can be used out to 3.6mm. Use the included top flag to control glare and reflections for improved contrast and reduced ghosting in the recorded image.

Compatibility: 15 mm Rod Support Systems
Diameter: 130 mm max using optional clamp-on attachments
Supported Filter Tray: 4 x 5.65"
Number Filter Tray: 2

Comes with 1 x Matte Box, 1 x French flag, 2 x filter tray