Schneider ISCO4all Lens Set with Anamorphic Adapter (EF-Mount)

$219 / 1st day rental

ISCO4all combines three stand-alone spherical cine primes and an anamorphic front adapter. The adapter is an upgrade of the famous ISCORAMA 54, which is considered a true classic among anamorphic film fans. The three ISCOsphericals Cine Primes are made by the new manufacturer Dulens and have been modified for Schneider-Kreuznach to match the ISCORAMA-style.

ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5X Anamorphic Adapter
- Vintage-style anamorphic front adapter
- Squeeze Factor 1.5x
- Close focus distance 1.4 m
- Single focus (ISCO patent)
- Stepless horizon adjustment
- Standard 0.8 gear on focus ring
- 1/4"-20 UNC bracket for rod support
- 95mm front filter thread
- 1.1kg

ISCOSPHERICALS A+ Lenses (43mm, 58mm, 85mm)
- Light-weight mini cine primes
- Full Frame coverage
- Vintage Amber Coating (A+) for authentic flares
- Focal lengths: 43, 58 and 85 mm with 2.4 T-stop
- Consistent in size, weight and scale positions
- 72mm filter thread

Set includes
Schneider ISCOSPHERICAL 43mm T2.4, 58mm T2.4, 85mm T2.4, 1.5x Anamorphic Adaptor, ISCORAMA 54 - Adapter M72x0.75, SCORAMA 54 - Adapter M72x0.75 Slim.