Aputure Nova P600C 45° Metal Grid

$20 / 1st day rental

This 45° Metal Grid from Aputure is designed for the Nova P600c LED Panel and slides directly into the unit's accessory slots to narrow the spread of light and eliminate spill. It features a lightweight and low-profile design and allows you to further control your fixture without any noticeable gain in size or weight. Ideal for cinematographers and photographers, this grid lets you manipulate the beam spread of the light while maintaining its soft quality. The 45° grid is a common middle ground for honeycomb grids that strikes a pleasing balance between beam spread and output loss, allowing for just the right amount of contrast.

Limits beam angle to 45°
Honeycomb structure for rigidity and light control
Easy installation and lightweight construction

Beam Angle: 45°
Dimensions: L: 28.4 x W: 63.5 x D: 2.0 cm
Weight: 1.4 lb / 630 g

1x Metal Grid