Panasonic BLF19 Charger for GH3/GH4/GH5

$10 / 1st day rental

With the DMW-BTC10 Battery Charger for DMW-BLF19 Lithium-Ion Battery Packs from Panasonic you can fully recharge your DMW-BLF19 battery in approximately 220 minutes and begin shooting with your Panasonic Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera. Simply plug in this dedicated charger's included AC cable, and its charging indicator will light up when charging has begun. Once the indicator turns off, your batter is fully charged and ready to help you shoot hundreds of new images with your mirrorless camera.

Power: AC, 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

1x BLF19 Charger (DMW-BTC10)
1x Charging Cable