Libec DL-5RB Video Dolly

$35 / 1st day rental

The DL-5RB Versatile Length Dolly from Libec is designed for use with RT20C, RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B, and RT50C tripods and allows you to dolly in any direction. It features a carrying handle in the center section for easy lifting and transport.

The dolly has a sliding range of up to 7.3" and a weight capacity of 99 lb. Each 3.9" caster wheel has a foot-activated lock/release pedal, making it easy to lock down and release without having to bend over. When not in use, it folds for easy storage and transport. The rubber tripod attachments are adjustable and also compatible with select Vinten, Manfrotto, and Sachtler tripods.

Libec: RT20C, RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B, RT50C

Sachtler 75mm-diameter tripods: Ace M GS, ACE L GS, Ace L MS CF, FSB 4/6/8, FSB 6T/8T, Ace 75/2 D, Ace 75/2 CF, ENG75/2D, ENG75/2DHD, DA75L, SpeedLock75 CF

Sachtler 100mm-diameter tripods: VIDEO 18S1/20S1, DV10SB/12SB/15SB, CINE 7/7HD, SpeedLock CF, CF100L, ENG2D, ENG2CF, DA100L

Vinten: Vision blue, blue3, blue5, 8AS, 10AS, 100, 3819-3, V3822-0001, 3766-3, 3821-3, 3772-3, 3773-3, 3884-3

Manfrotto: 501HDV, 504HD, 509HD, 546B, 546GB, 545B, 545GB

Tripod Foot Compatibility: Spiked Feet
Adjustable Footprint: No
Load Capacity: 99 lb / 44.9 kg
Folded Length: 18.7" / 47.5 cm
Locking Wheels: Yes
Wheel Diameter: 3.9" / 9.9 cm
Weight: 8.8 lb / 4 kg