Aputure Barndoor with 30° Grid

$10 / 1st day rental

The Barndoors, Grid, and Gel Holder for LS 120d/II and LS 300d/II LED Lights are light modifiers that fit the reflector that comes with all versions of these Aputure LED lights. The 4-way barndoor design allows for one to four of the leaves to be swung into the light's beam to illuminate areas that you want while keeping light from areas where you don't want it. The 30-degree grid narrows the beam spread. The barndoors also include a magnetic gel holder that allows filmmakers to easily add color to their lights' output.

Mount: Bowen
Design: 4-Leaf

1x Adaptor Mount
1x 4 leaf ring
1x Barndoor with 30° Grid
1x Gel Attachment